Come out to my shop for a half day and learn a little something about woodturning. Click here for available classes and Gift Certificates. Teaching others is just one way I like to share my love of wood.

Learn to Turn - Walter
Walter taking a woodturning lesson at Doug’s Turnings in Taneytown, Maryland.

Class Schedule

Each class on my SquareOnline shop shows available dates. My gift certificates don’t have an associated date; I’ll work with the gift certificate recipient to schedule a date that works for them.

Review my calendar for scheduled classes. Contact me to discuss other options.

Bowl Turning

Bowl turning differs from spindle turning in that with a bowl, the wood is oriented differently. Because of this, we generally turn bowls with different tools than we use in spindle turning. We will cover various techniques for mounting the wood on the lathe to allow us to turn the top and the bottom of a bowl.

We will start with a relatively small bowl. The larger the piece of wood, the higher the challenge and risk to the turner. If large bowls are your goal, it is important to start small and work your way up when learning.

Take a look at a few of the bowls I have turned.

Ornament Turning

I’ll schedule classes for ornament turning in the September – November time-frame, in time to get your head around turning some ornaments for the Christmas holiday season. Ornaments can be displayed all year long, but the Christmas holiday is definitely a time when I think about displaying lots of hand crafted ornaments.

Ornament turning is SPINDLE TURNING. For many folks, this is a good place to start learning turning techniques. Here are a few of my ornaments.

Important Paperwork Before Class Begins

Before you come to class, please review the following items:

  • Doug’s Turnings Wood Turning Safety Rules and Recommendation – This is valuable information that helps to set the tone for making our class a smooth experience. I’ll be reviewing these rules and recommendations with you at the beginning of class in order to provide more context, but your quick review is worth your time.
  • Waiver and Release – The waiver and release states that you are participating in this endeavor voluntarily and with the same seriousness in which I am leading the class; we agree to approach the class with the seriousness it deserves. This is a requirement for taking the class.
  • Adult Model Release – The adult model release is an option. I’m asking permission to take photos of you as you are taking the class. After the class I will share the photos with you so you can share them with family and friends. I’d also like to have your permission to use the photos and short videos to advertise my classes (the real ask). At the end of the class I like to take a photo of you with your new finished piece. This is optional.

Have fun turning!