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Learn to Turn

Come out for a half day and learn a little something about turning wood. I enjoy teaching and passing on my experience. In the long run I hope to encourage many to invest some of their time into developing turning … Read More

Cutting Bowl Blanks from a Log

The first creative step in wood turning is with cutting down a tree and getting it loaded on the trailer with a focus on getting the most from each piece of wood. If you cut a tree down and lop … Read More

Acrylic (plexiglas) Welding

I wanted to share a little project with you on a display case I’m making for the Taneytown History Museum. The bottom will be a basic wood box, while the top (what you see here) will be a Plexiglas or … Read More

Silver Maple Bowl
Shop for a Beautiful Wood Product

Shop at Douglas Heck Turnings on Etsy.com Most available pieces will be on my Etsy Shop at https://www.etsy.com/ shop/ DouglasHeckTurnings/. Bowls In Etsy Shop Ornaments In Doug’s Etsy Shop Collectibles in Doug’s Etsy Shop Go to Doug’s Turnings Etsy Shop  … Read More

Blogs about Logs

Acrylic (plexiglas) Welding Sourcing Wood Weeping Cherry Woodturning Projects A Rough-Turned Maple Bowl In-Progress The New Laguna REVO 1836 Lathe Welcome to My Website . . . Turned Maple Vase In Progress I’m Turning Bigger Bowls Now Playing in the … Read More

Turning Safety Rules and Recommendations

  Wood turning is a wonderful activity. These rules and recommendations are designed to help you get the most out of your experience. As you turn, I’ll give you tips to achieve a good result and avoid problems. The sounds … Read More

My Story

INFO@DOUGSTURNINGS.COM | 410-259-6406 I am a self-taught Carroll County wood turner, enjoying the beautiful wood that God has given us. He puts the beauty in – I get to show it off. I began turning wood in 2004, finding that … Read More

Custom Woodturning

What is Custom Turning? Custom Turning is the process of taking wood from a tree that has special meaning to someone and making a keepsake from that wood on the lathe. Items that can be made include bowls, ornaments, platters, … Read More

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