Susie and I have been learning a lot about grounding (or earthing) since May 2023 and we thought it was worth sharing with friends and family. We’ve shared this with a number of people, whom we know it has helped. The thing to remember about grounding is that there are NO side effects and you cannot over-do it. It brings your body back to a natural balance.

In traditional medicine doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals to address specific aches, pains and maladies. Much of what they are prescribing masks the results of your imbalance, but in many cases it does not address the root cause of the imbalance. So how do we address the root cause of our problems? What if you could get your body back to the natural balance you need for good health? That is where we believe grounding comes into play. Grounding does not directly cure any problems, but returns the body to its natural state of balance when it is connected to the earth – the body, once grounded, can better support its own healing process. Our body is designed to rebuild itself, via the map in our DNA, to its natural healthy state.

We’ve studied many things that are good for our health. It is good to live as healthy as we can; eating well, exercising, avoiding the things that make us ill. I look at grounding as a foundational thing for our bodies. It gives our bodies the balance we were designed to have. We were designed to be healthy.

Once we’re healthy, grounding helps us to stay healthy and to recover faster, should we become injured or ill. See bullet 1 on the next page referencing the Tour de France participants.

What is Grounding?

Grounding or earthing is reconnecting yourself to the earth. The earth is surrounded by electromagnetic waves, which provide for and effect our circadian rhythm (how we sleep). It affects people, animals and plants.

By planting your bare feet on the ground, your body will begin to heal itself.

Grounding helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system, improves vagal tone, and creates a positive mood. Note that the vagal nerve is the central nerve connecting your brain to all your major organs. Because of this, grounding improves the function of your organs. Better overall health.

How Do You Ground?

The easiest method is to take off your shoes and head outside. You can walk or sit with your feet in the grass. You can lay on the grass. This is the most direct method of grounding. You can also use a grounding pad or grounding mattress pad, among other devices to connect your body to the earth.

The online references provided below will show you many difference tools and products for grounding.