Open Shop

I am planning “Open Shop” dates and times, which will be posted here. These will be times when I am working in the shop on projects, when you are welcome to stop by and see what’s happening. 

Carroll County Artists’ Studio Tour 2020

Dec. 4 & 5, 2021, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

STOP #1: Doug Heck – 3300 Whippoorwill Drive, Taneytown, MD 21787

I’m glad to be a part of the Carroll County Artists Studio Tour. This is a group of talented, local artists. Please plan time to visit a few of the studios and be inspired. Better yet, visit them all! I’m Stop #1 on the Carroll County Artists’ Studio Tour. For more information about the tour, visit:

Turning Classes

Once the corona-virus issue is in our rear view mirror, I will be scheduling days to provide classes on wood turning.

Spindle Turning

Spindle turning is a good place for most folks to start on the lathe. With spindle turning, a piece of wood is placed between the head stock and the tail stock, where the grain runs from left to right. As the wood spins, the grain on a clear piece of wood approaches the cutting tool consistently through its 360 degrees of travel, making it smoother and easier to learn. Spindle turning is a great place to learn techniques of shaping the wood with a variety tools.

With spindle turning you can make ornaments, bats, rolling pins, candle sticks, tops, lidded boxes, trees, pencil holders and more!

Bowl Turning

Bowl turning differs from spindle turning in that with a bowl, the wood is oriented differently. Because of this, we generally turn bowls with different tools than we use in spindle turning. We will cover various techniques for mounting the wood on the lathe to allow us to turn the top and the bottom of a bowl.

We will start with a relatively small bowl. The larger the piece of wood, the higher the challenge and risk to the turner. If large bowls are your goal, it is important to start small and work your way up when learning.

Take a look at a few of the bowls I have turned.

Ornament Turning

I’ll schedule classes for ornament turning in the September / October time-frame, in time to get your head around turning some ornaments for the Christmas holiday season. Ornaments can be displayed all year long, but the Christmas holiday is definitely a time when I think about displaying lots of hand crafted ornaments.

Ornament turning is SPINDLE TURNING. For many folks, this is a good place to start learning turning techniques. Here are a few of my ornaments.

Stay Healthy and Look for Round Stuff

In the mean time, please stay safe and healthy. Keep an eye out for all the things that are made in the round. It is amazing the number of useful things that can be made on a lathe. See a few turned items here.